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Quotes distribution

We offer webmasters and website owners free access to currency quotes in the real time mode. All trading instruments available in the InstaTrader platform are also available for quote provision.

On this web page, webmasters and website owners can read about how to get free access to online forex quotes. All trading symbols in InstaTrader can be placed as online quotes onto your web resource.

Online quotes will contribute to your content richness and will attract new clients and users thanks to the latest information on market movements.

When using these quotes, insert a source link to our website

Getting quotes:

API description:

Getting ticks:


Notations used to display results (key legend)

symbol - the currency pair symbol
bid - the bid value bid
ask - the bid value ask
change - the value indicating change in relation to the previous price of the currency pair
digits - the value showing how many digits after the decimal point are displayed in the currency pair price
lasttime - the value indicating the last change time of the currency pair price
change24h - the change in relation to the previous day`s close

Displaying only specific currency pairs:

To get only specific currency pairs, pass parameter q= with a list of currency pairs separated by commas.

#Query example:,gold,%23bitcoin

Query result:

[{"digits":4, "ask":1.1344, "bid":1.1341, "change":-0.0001, "symbol":"EURUSD", "lasttime":1466444823, "change24h":0.0008}, {"digits":2, "ask":1285.71, "bid":1285.11, "change":-0.03, "symbol":"GOLD", "lasttime":1466444824, "change24h":-4.23}, {"digits":2, "ask":743.98, "bid":739.98, "change":-0.05, "symbol":"#Bitcoin", "lasttime":1466444795, "change24h":-16.18}]

Getting the list of all available instruments:

Available output formats: JSON

#Query example:

Query result:

{"quotesList": [{"symbol":"EURUSD", "group":{"name":"Forex", "id":0}, "desc":"Euro vs US Dollar"}, {"symbol":"GBPUSD", "group":{"name":"Forex", "id":0}, "desc":"Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar"}]}
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